Test Results at your fingertips eCoronaPass provides an easy-to-use portal to check your test results

A powerful new solution for Individuals, Care Providers, Nursing Homes, Schools, and Governments.  eCoronaPass simplifies COVID-19 test kits providing individuals, lab partners, and care providers a central portal to exchange test results.

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Test Results and Vaccination Proof At Your Fingertips

eCoronaPass is an easy-to-use portal for COVID vaccine and testing management for everyone.

A powerful new solution for People, Care Providers, Nursing Homes, Schools, and Governments. eCoronaPass simplifies COVID-19 test and vaccine management by providing a simple portal for scheduling tests and vaccinations, checking test results, and quickly scanning your eCoronaPass in places where proof of vaccination or proof of negative test results are required.

COVID-19 Test Collection Kits now available

Request your FDA-authorized test collection kit.


COVID-19 Test Collection Kits now available.

Request your FDA-authorized test collection kit.


Vaccine Management for the Masses

Cloud-hosted portal for all parties

With a single connection from a laboratory or Vaccination Capture device to the eCoronaPass platform, we can instantly export and send results to State and Federal regulators. By using technologically versatile software, eCoronaPass can integrate with any EMR, LIS, or display data within our HIPAA compliant portal.

Why eCoronaPass?


Protect the Public

All service industries can benefit using eCoronaPass. eCoronaPass risk scores allow establishments better decision making with algorithms calculating results from antibody tests and swab test for active infections.


Global Solution

The eCoronaPass can be validated on a global basis and can be configured in multiple languages. Distributed data centers ensure compliance and peak performance.



eCoronaPass manages the complete life cycle from applying for different types of passes based on antibodies or other criteria such as age to creating and validating the eCoronaPass.

Smash That Curve

Wearing face masks and social distancing are important to flattening the curve, but what if there was a way to smash the curve?

There is.   By leveraging eCoronaPass restaurants, school systems, and entertainment venues can reduce exposure to all parties involved.



Getting back to normal is easier with eCoronaPass.  Quickly scan your eCoronaPass anywhere proof of vaccination or proof of negative test results are required.